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In honor of Memorial Day and Independence Day, we are sharing stories of our amazing doctors who have served as members of the U.S. military. These veterans now dedicate their time to treating our patients at Columbia Skin Clinic. We thank them for their service and appreciate everything they do for our patients every day.

Dr. Jim Chow has a passion for serving his community in many ways. As a son of two physicians who worked as medical missionaries in northern Africa and southeast Asia, Chow was drawn to the military through the opportunity of service to our great nation. During his 30+ years of military service, he learned the importance of perseverance and to always treat everyone equally. Dr. Chow has now been with Columbia Skin Clinic for 28 years and states, “It is the best job anyone could ask for.”

Serving as Brigadier General in the Air Force and Major General in the Air National Guard, Dr. Chow says that his favorite aspect of the military was the comradery and discipline. Deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, England, Denmark and Japan, Dr. Chow treated many interesting cases. He practiced tropical medicine in war zones and during humanitarian missions. 

While stateside, Dr. Chow made it his mission to help service men and women recover from their time in the war. He has successfully recruited medical professionals to ensure military members and their families receive the help and assistance they need. He even succeeded in getting large universities across the country to allow military members to return to their course work without penalties when active duty disrupts their education. Dr. Chow was recently recognized for his military support by becoming a Jefferson Award Honoree.

Although Dr. Chow found the long hours, being away from home and the fear of not seeing your family to be challenging during his time in the military, he strongly believes in “service before self.” When giving advice to doctors who are considering joining the military, he says, “The desire to serve your country is the priority. The rest falls into place.” Dr. Chow practices in the Columbia office. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Chow.

Dr. LawsColumbia Skin Clinic is growing! Dr. Cody Connor is now serving patients at our Columbia and Irmo offices as of September 2019. Dr. Connor treats the full spectrum of general medical dermatology, surgical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. He takes immense pride in listening to his patients and making sure they have a full understanding of their treatment plan. Dr. Connor loves the diversity that dermatology offers, allowing him to see all ages of patients with a wide range of backgrounds. He considers it an honor to be able to make significant and concrete changes in people’s lives. After graduating with honors and the highest distinction from the University of Iowa, Dr. Connor went on to complete medical school at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. He interned at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa, before completing his residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Throughout medical school and residency, Dr. Connor published many papers in dermatology, several of which centered around the intersection of human psychology and dermatologic disease. He also served on the committee that formulated the new American Academy of Dermatology Psoriasis Treatment Guidelines, while writing the guidelines for the use of phototherapy and systemic medications. Dr. Connor grew up in Muscatine, Iowa. He met his wife, Michelle, during his undergraduate studies. They were married while he was in medical school and now have two children, Eli and Arianna. In his free time, he enjoys working out, nutrition, fiction writing, hiking, inventing and developing medical devices. Join us in welcoming Dr. Cody Connor to our team at Columbia Skin Clinic!