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Meet Kelly! She’s the Lower School Hammond secretary that many of us know and love in the Midlands, and we’re treating her to a complimentary filler & Botox makeover.

Kelly is a wonderful 51-year-old woman with red hair and fair skin. Since her early twenties, she’s taken good care of her skin by regularly using sunblock, eye serums and retinol creams. Unfortunately, seven years ago, Kelly was diagnosed with Stage 2A Breast Cancer – even though she did not have a family history. After a partial hysterectomy, she developed acute menopause at the age of 44.

Due to Kelly’s specific type of cancer, estrogen therapy is not an option, but she has kept many of her menopause symptoms at bay except for her skin. Kelly lost a lot of elasticity and volume in a relatively short period, but the fillers and Botox will give new life to Kelly’s face by volumizing and treating her deep lines.

Now, we’re excited to unveil Kelly’s transformation! Kelly’s problem areas before treatment included volume loss in the tear trough, cheek and chin areas. She had expression lines on her forehead, between the eyebrows, the areas around the eyes and the upper lip. We also noticed some decreased volume in her lips from the aging process.

Dr. Asha James, who has over 15 years of injection experience, worked with Kelly for her new look: “My goal with Kelly was to create a rested, natural appearance that still allowed her to look like herself, but a younger, more rested version of herself.”

We added a hyaluronic acid filler known as Juvederm Vollure in her tear troughs, naso labial folds and chin. We placed Restylane Silk in her lips and her upper lip lines. We ended with injections of Juvederm Voluma in her cheeks along with Botox on her forehead, chin, crow’s feet and glabella.

Thank you to Kelly for allowing us to share your story and journey! It’s been a privilege to work with you.

Kelly's Before and After

Kelly's Before and After

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