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We asked our providers what they’ve been up to during this time at home, outside of work. In our new series, Meet Your Provider, learn a little more about the team at Columbia Skin Clinic. If you would like to book a telehealth or in-office appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists or aestheticians, please contact us.

Here, Dr. Allison Cashman, shares a few fun things she has been doing.

What have you been doing during your time at home?

During my time at home, I have been learning about COVID-19, new research, treatments and its impact on the world. I have been reflecting on how blessed I am and trying to help others. I have also been emptying my house of things that do not bring joy or any feeling at all to declutter.

What have you been watching lately?

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on coronavirus, fitness videos (and even doing some), TED talks on multiple topics, especially brain chemistry, neuroscience, diet and anti-aging. I’ve also been watching Ozark and stand up comedian specials!

What have you been reading lately?

I have been reading a lot of medical journals, books on the history of WWII, David Baldacci and Caleb Carr.

What’s the best meal you or your family have cooked recently?

The best meal we have cooked recently were porterhouse steaks.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at home?

The thing I have enjoyed most about being at home has been having time. Because I never seem to have enough of it.

How has telemedicine changed the way you practice medicine?

I have been impressed by how much physicians can help others with this medical modality. Physicians can still reach out and help people with medical advice, treatment, guidance and reassurance. I have been most impacted by how I react when I see my patients on screen and we work out a solution to their problems and this current situation. I love to end each session with a smile!

Would you like to share anything else fun or interesting with your patients?

American communities have really come together and although we are social distancing, I find that many individuals are really reaching out to connect with one another more than ever before.  Families write inspirational messages on their driveways in chalk and neighborhoods decorate mailboxes for fun. Contact lists and emails are keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring no one is hurting or needs help. I know this will continue in the future and strengthen all of us in so many ways.

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