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We asked our providers what they’ve been up to during this time at home, outside of work. In our new series, Meet Your Provider, learn a little more about the team at Columbia Skin Clinic. If you would like to book a telehealth or in-office appointment with one of our experienced dermatologists or aestheticians, please contact us.

Here, Dr. Greta Zimmerman, shares a few fun things she has been doing.

While the doctors at Columbia Skin Clinic have been meaning to add telemedicine to our operation for years, the recent pandemic has made that “someday project” a reality! Dr. Zimmerman has truly enjoyed getting to talk with and help patients in their home environment. She has even gleaned several decorating and gardening ideas! She loves the easy pace that contacting them in their homes brings for her patients. It’s like a porch visit and medicine all rolled into one.

During her downtime, Dr. Zimmerman mostly tries to keep up with her children who are all in healthcare. Her son, Ryan, is an Emergency Department doctor from Columbia who is currently volunteering in Brooklyn to help with the crisis there. Because she is caring for his two labs, Arnold and Luna, Dr. Zimmerman is finally getting her steps in.

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